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5 Dec 2013

Online Cake Delivery-Consider the Following Flavors

Online cakes come in various flavors so knowing about the surely helps your choice along. Here are some of the selections that you can make.
Chocolate cakes
There is no doubt are the perennial favorites of buyers and receivers like whatever the occasion! Everybody from the age of 6 and 60 love this flavor very much. So, when nothing else comes to mind, this go for them without fail. If you want, go for extra rich chocolaty taste to ensure that you make the best impressions. Myriad varieties are available and you can go for white or dark chocolate options.
Black Forest cakes
For those who find chocolate cakes too heavy for their taste or over sweet can opt for black forest varieties instead. Here different layers of chocolate cake remain stacked together with white cream cementing in between. This makes them quite rich and you simply cannot have enough of it EVER! Bakers fill the layers with cherry sauce and the toppings are mostly chocolate shavings or fresh cherries. Originally made in Germany using liquor, Black Forest cakes are today quite popular all over the world.
Pineapple cakes
This delight for the taste buds is another widely popular cake flavor irrespective of the occasion you are celebrating. In order to give it an eye-catching texture and a crunchy feel, bakers use real pineapple slices in sight to turn it into a delight for your taste buds. The tastiest pineapple cakes are those that have a soft and moist texture. Those who want loads of pineapple in their cake choice can go for the Upside-Down variety when they order cakes online. In this popular option, a complete layer is made with delicious pineapple slices! What more could you expect for a pineapple lover?
Red velvet cakes
Red velvet cakes are healthy confections and have a gorgeous look that attracts attention. Their highly tempting looks come from bright red color present in layers due to the presence of beetroot. From reddish many times, their color varies to brownish or orange. In these cakes, beetroot generally acts as the sweetening agent. Some bakers nowadays are opting from food grade colors instead of beetroot to bring in the delicious red hue. When placing your order do not forget to clarify this point can select based on your preference.
Similarly, frosting of cream cheese has nowadays replaced the more traditional butter roux French style icing, which is quite time consuming to prepare by modern standards. Cream cheese however is a tasty icing that compliments the modern look of the red velvet cake. So, you can place your order without worries.
Rum cakes
This is another highly popular cake option, which people go for with high regularity. These are especially in vogue during New Year and Christmas celebrations. These mostly contain walnuts or roasted nuts to bring in a crunchy taste that adds to its appeal.
Send cake online to any destination of your choice and choose from some of the yummiest selections, anywhere, any time! So, are you ready to place your order NOW?

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